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Urbanize It - Album - 2 Panel CD Album + Insert

Urbanize It - Album

2 Panel CD Album + Insert

"Urbanize It" is Jake Paul's latest album, featuring the reggae singer, "The Urban Empress."  Although The Empress is moving to Jamaica, Jake Paul lives in the US (Wisconsin) and continues to perform and record pop, rock, and jam music with a "reggae vibe."

 Milwaukee singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jake Paul refuses to rest. He’s released two albums of original material in three years, fronts a Sublime tribute band called Solar and recently joined forces with friend and Milwaukee-based reggae-roots vocalist Kristin Urban to record Urbanize It: A Compilation of Music by Jake Paul & The Urban Empress. The new album consists of reworked songs from the Jake Paul Band’s first two records, The Jailbreak and The Providence EP — reggae-fied with Urban on vocals and renowned horn player John Criston Widule (also from Milwaukee) on trumpet.

“All of my music has been an experiment, but you can’t just release songs and hope they’ll take off,” Paul says, explaining how the versions on Urbanize It have been honed and polished so that they now appear as he originally envisioned them. “I wasn’t willing to give up on these songs. I’ve always known there was something to them.”

Urbanize It

• Includes a live version of “Road Trip” recorded in Chicago during Summer 2014 —plus two brand-new songs: “Illuminate” (Jake played every instrument during this recording) and the moody ballad “Reap.”

 • Features a new version of Jake Paul’s signature song, “Hollow,” which was written about Jake’s mother, whose 1988 murder at the age of 33 remains unsolved more than 25 years later.

 • File under “Pop/Rock” and call it “Reggae Jam.”

 • Available in physical and digital versions (release date: July 31st, 2015).

 • Emotional music that proves you should never give up on something you believe in.

  Track Listing:

  1. Indestructible (feat. Urban)
  2. Illuminate (new song)
  3. Stripe Night (feat. Widule on Trumpet)
  4. Hollow (feat. Urban w/an alternate ending)
  5. Reap (feat. Urban & Studio Z’s Brad Zweig on drums)
  6. Road Trip (live from Goose Island, Chicago)
  7. Inhale (feat. Urban)

One Sheet provided by: Michael Popke - Two Lakes Media Group - 1025 Villa Circle - Sun Prairie, WI 53590   608.576.4276

The Jailbreak (album) - 11 track album

The Jailbreak (album)

11 track album

If you have been waiting for a '90s revival, check out Milwaukee's Jake Paul Band. That decade never left their hearts, if The Jailbreak is any indication. The group's trick is that they don't take any one style from that time in wholesale form, but instead mix and match in such a way as to be revivalists with an original spin on their source material. Paul raps and sings while the rest of his quintet bridges the chasm between the pop-jam-band templates of Blues Traveler, Widespread Panic and Rusted Root and Sublime's stoner-ish punk reggae. If that combination seems jaunty and easygoing, Paul confounds it all (largely in a good way) by baring his soul with lyrics that sound like the efforts of a man stumbling from an abyss to find the sunshine that still makes him squint in pain.

The Providence EP - EP

The Providence EP


How much do you want to bet from the red, yellow and green motif emblazoning the front ofThe Providence EP’s cover that Milwaukee’s Jake Paul Band have some kind of reggae fixation going on? Consider yourself a winner if you placed that wager. And if you guessed the band distills Jamaica’s most popular musical export into a form that conjectures how the Zac Brown Band and the Grateful Dead would approach the genre, the prize is even greater. The Jake Paul Band exude the kind of earnest, blissed-out vibe expected from a Midwest guitar band enamored with a mellow tropical R&B derivative. And one can easily imagine these numbers as launch pads for further jamming.


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