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4 Ways to Deal With A Breakup Before the Holidays


In the era of pop culture artists like Jake Paul and millennials, a good relationship’s breakup often leads to sleeplessness, depression, less immunity, and various other problems. However, most of the teenagers move on easily but some linger over their past for a long time. Motivation is the key to help you move on.

Jake Paul to Inspire School Football with New Single, ‘Break Out Year’



Jake Paul to Inspire School Football with New Single, ‘Break Out Year’

(September 26, 2018)  – Jake Paul is scoring a musical goal almost every year. After the success of his last three albums, the popular musician is set to release a new single, ‘Break Out Year’ on Monday, October 1. 


Set on the backdrop of high school football, ‘Break Out Year’ is meant to inspire players to rise above challenges. The single is close to Jake’s heart, showing his love for the sport in which he set a record at high school for most touch downs in a game. The single will be marketed across the US to middle and high school players.


Indie-based Jake Paul is a self-made singer and song writer, and for this particular track, he plays most of the instruments. Listeners will appreciate his energetic renditions, which reflect influences ranging from Twenty One Pilots to Sublime. Jake’s music is authentic and memorable as it rises above mainstream and disposable Rock n’ Roll. 

My song is about rising above challenges and my love of football. I set my high school touchdown record for most touch downs in a game. I want this song to inspire young players to reach their goals regarding football,” says Jake.

Picking up the guitar at 21, Jake has charted a highly successful music career, and is considered a favorite artist at the annual Milwaukee’s Summerfest for his Midwestern roots-rock style. In three years alone, he has released four albums, and performed with fresh musicians from Jamaica, Ohio, and southeast Wisconsin. Jake’s debut album was the 2011 full length work, ‘The Jailbreak’. The album comprises the song ‘Hollow’, which deals with the unsolved murder of his mother in 1988. 


‘The Jailbreak’ was followed by ‘The Providence’, an album using bright melodies, smart lyrics and flavors of reggae and hip-hop that create new meanings around resiliency, love, hate and moving on. Jake’s third album is ‘Urbanize It’, released in 2015 by his own label, Anomaly Records, in collaboration with accompanying artist Kristin Urban.


Fans of Jake Paul’s music can also head towards his own merchandise store that offers a wide range of popular products. 



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February 2017: New project for the band, Jake returns as a Singer/Songwriter


Tuesday, Feb 14 @ 6:02 AM

February marks the launch of a new project we're embarking on: The Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd). Dan Z will be playing bass, Chad Layton on lead guitar and vocals, Mike B on drums and vocals, and I'll be on lead vocal and guitar. We're going to get the foundation of this album down first before we bring in a saxophone player, female vocalist, and synth/keys player.

Although I'm totally stoked about this project, it does come at a price. I'll be moving forward with Jake Paul Music as a solo artist. First off, we (JPB) all want to put 100% into this new project, so I understand why we agreed to move away from our original songs. But, deep inside I still want to carry the torch and continue making original music. So if you noticed a "different" sound from the latest 3 released tracks (Don't Forget, Move On, & Illuminate) that is because I played every instrument on the song, with the exception of a lead guitar lick in "Don't Forget," which was played by Chad Layton. 
You know what they say, "when one door closes another one opens." In this case I'm saying the Pink Floyd doors are open, but Jake Paul returning to "singer/songwriter" status is wide open too! My next gig is a private wedding party in June. More shows will be coming soon. 
BTW: Happy Valentines Day! 

Brilliant reggae rocker and entertainer Jake Paul taps into a strong vibe to create an...


Brilliant reggae rocker and entertainer Jake Paul taps into a strong vibe to create an original blend of rock / reggae music with a rhythmic twist. It's little wonder why his new radio single ‘Inhale’ is racing up the charts.

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin native Jake Paul is a excellent example of a reggae rock artist that elegantly leverages his originality and compositional skills to the service of modern entertainment. His new single ‘Inhale’ demonstrates blazing musical stylings that are sure to appeal to mainstream audiences. This rocker with a performance flair has the right look and the right attitude to become a proper rock / reggae-magnet and audiences around the world are beginning to acknowledge the fact that a new creative force has arisen. Where will he take it from here? One critic wrote of his award-winning work: ‘It is rare to come across an artist with such a 'sublime' balance of great vocals, solid musicianship and edgy songwriting and Jake Paul is such an artist, with this collection of rock reggae gems as undeniable proof.’ We suspect this artist will navigate the future on his own terms, given his obvious passion and musical skills. Independent reporter Alexis Adams recently caught up with Jake Paul to discuss his music and the interesting path by which he came to it.



Jake Paul on overcoming the hurdles and pitfalls of the music business


“I learned to figure out if I’m in this music biz for the right reasons.” – @jaketheanamoly

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This picture is the motivation behind most of my music.  Something inside of me motivates me to keep creating.  Every set-back I've experienced has been trumped by the phrase in the pic.  So I get up every day as early as I can (unless I had a late show the night before) and I create music.  Reply, post, and share if you agree.  

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