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February 2017: New project for the band, Jake returns as a Singer/Songwriter

Tuesday, Feb 14 @ 6:02 AM

February marks the launch of a new project we're embarking on: The Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd). Dan Z will be playing bass, Chad Layton on lead guitar and vocals, Mike B on drums and vocals, and I'll be on lead vocal and guitar. We're going to get the foundation of this album down first before we bring in a saxophone player, female vocalist, and synth/keys player.

Although I'm totally stoked about this project, it does come at a price. I'll be moving forward with Jake Paul Music as a solo artist. First off, we (JPB) all want to put 100% into this new project, so I understand why we agreed to move away from our original songs. But, deep inside I still want to carry the torch and continue making original music. So if you noticed a "different" sound from the latest 3 released tracks (Don't Forget, Move On, & Illuminate) that is because I played every instrument on the song, with the exception of a lead guitar lick in "Don't Forget," which was played by Chad Layton. 
You know what they say, "when one door closes another one opens." In this case I'm saying the Pink Floyd doors are open, but Jake Paul returning to "singer/songwriter" status is wide open too! My next gig is a private wedding party in June. More shows will be coming soon. 
BTW: Happy Valentines Day! 

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