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Move On

by Jake Paul

Released 2017
Anamoly Records, LLC
Released 2017
Anamoly Records, LLC
Jake Paul's sound is laid back rock that allows chill mode to be turned on.
Jake Paul Working on New Music

New Album and Cover Album in the Works


March 3, 2017 - Having never picked up a guitar until he was old enough to buy a drink, Jake Paul got a late start but quickly found his way in the musical realm. Playing multiple times alongside his bandmates Chad Layton, Dan Zarwell and Mike Balestreri at the Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago, as well as in Milwaukee and New York, Jake comes across like a seasoned vet. Currently taking a break from the road, he and his band are working on two major projects for future release.

With Jake Paul's debut only six-years-old, he hasn't taken too many breaks when it comes to releasing new music. Just last year he delivered his pop infused Reggae charm on Urbanize It. Working closely with the likes of Kristin Urban on several of the tracks. Falling somewhere between Sublime and Jack Johnson, Jake Paul's sound is laid back rock that allows for chill mode to be turned on.

That's what he and his bandmates will bring forth once more on the upcoming album, Hunger Before Thirst, which will have its first single dropped very soon entitled "Move On." On top of an album of originals, the band is also working on their own cover rendition of Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon.

Soon after the release of their cover album, Jake Paul plans on getting back on the road until mid-summer. Those interested in booking them come June and July can get in touch via the information below. Others interested in the band and hearing more, or adding "Move On" to their playlists can do the same.


Jake Paul is a Reggae pop artist with a trio of albums to his name including last year’s Urbanize It who is now working on a new album of originals, as well as a cover of Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon.

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