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Urbanize It

by Jake Paul

Released 07/31/2015
Anamoly Records, LLC
Released 07/31/2015
Anamoly Records, LLC

........................... "A beachy blend on the rocks with a twist of reggae."........................
  • 02:52 Lyrics Indestructible (feat. The Urban Empress)

    Seen you today

    wanted to reach out and hold your hand

    in the worst way.

    Times have changed

    I'm a different man.

    Do you remember when

    the love we had was


    You always made me smile

    even on my worst days.

    I fell in love with your style

    from the very first day.

    But your parents made us

    Fade away.

    My love for you reigned


    Your mama got to crazy

    and your daddy never could relax.

    They were too afraid 

    that you would fall in love

    on the wrong side of the tracks.

    So we went our separate ways-

    guess it was all too hot to last.

    Ain't it funny how life passes by

    So fast? 

    Ha ha.

    Seen you today.

    Hopin' you could understand

    In the worst way

    We were just too young for a love that grand.

    There's no apologies needed

    My love for you still stands


  • 04:19 Lyrics Illuminate

    I spent up all my money
    Wasted my time
    Little did I know
    it was not really mine
    Mama, I’ve been so blind
    Won’t you open up my mind

    Nobody’s at ease 
    It’s a social disease
    Let my life flow like the seashore breeze 
    Lets see what we can find
    When we open up our mind

    If you want freedom
    Open your mind

    Use your free will to 
    Illuminate skill
    Don’t be the one who sells their soul to pay the bills
    And you’ll drink from the purest vine
    If you open up your mind

    If you want freedom
    Open your mind

    Please don’t run away
    you can’t hide
    You can lock up all your windows and doors
    And trap yourself inside 

    You can dress the best
    Drive the fanciest car
    But what good is it to own
    The biggest shack on the beach
    If you’re trapped behind it’s bars

    But if you want freedom
    Open your mind

    *Jake Paul played every instrument on this recording by multi-tracking (recording each instrument separately)

  • 04:47 Stripe Night (feat. John Widule on trumpet)
  • 04:22 Download Lyrics Hollow (feat. The Urban Empress)

    He put his car in park
    left the engine runnin
    opened up the glove box
    pulled out his gun
    put it to her chest
    sent his hollow point flyin

    left her on the concrete floor to die.

    When the news came across
    on the telephone line
    I was walkin down my path alone, cryin
    coping with the life I own
    when I decided
    that never would I ever give up

    keep tryin.

    Those who speak the most
    never have much to say
    I gotta big black hole in my restless soul
    I'm hollow today

    Don't forget to say goodbye cuz
    your're never too young to die

  • 04:19 Reap (feat. The Urban Empress)
  • 05:56 Road Trip: Live at Goose Island (Live)
  • 04:30 Inhale (feat. The Urban Empress)
Jake Paul featuring reggae singer, The Urban Empress (Kristin Urban)
Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jake Paul refuses to rest. He’s released two albums of original material in three years and joined forces with friend and Jamaica-based reggae-roots vocalist Kristin Urban to record Urbanize It: A Compilation of Music by Jake Paul & The Urban Empress. The new album consists of reworked songs from the Jake Paul Band’s first two records, The Jailbreak and The Providence EP — reggae-fied with Urban on vocals and renowned horn player John Criston Widule on trumpet.

“All of my music has been an experiment, but you can’t just release songs and hope they’ll take off,” Paul says, explaining how the versions on Urbanize It have been honed and polished so that they now appear as he originally envisioned them. “I wasn’t willing to give up on these songs. I’ve always known there was something to them.”

Urbanize It
• Includes a live version of “Road Trip” recorded in Chicago during Summer 2014 — plus two brand-new songs: the moody ballad “Reap” and "Illuminate."
• Features a new version of Jake Paul’s signature song, “Hollow,” which was written about Jake’s mother, whose 1988 murder at the age of 33 remains unsolved more than 25 years later.
• File under “Pop/Rock” and call it “Reggae Jam.”
• Available in physical and digital versions.
• Emotional music that proves you should never give up on something you believe in.

Track Listing:

1. Indstructible
2. Illuminate
3. Stripe Night
4. Hollow
5. Reap
6. Road Trip (The Providence EP; recorded live in Chicago, 2014)
7. Inhale

Cover art by Kay Lum and Jake Paul

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