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Jake Paul
Jake Paul


I spent up all my money
Wasted my time
Little did I know
it was not really mine
Mama, I’ve been so blind
Won’t you open up my mind

Nobody’s at ease 
It’s a social disease
Let my life flow like the seashore breeze 
Lets see what we can find
When we open up our mind

If you want freedom
Open your mind

Use your free will to 
Illuminate skill
Don’t be the one who sells their soul to pay the bills
And you’ll drink from the purest vine
If you open up your mind

If you want freedom
Open your mind

Please don’t run away
you can’t hide
You can lock up all your windows and doors
And trap yourself inside 

You can dress the best
Drive the fanciest car
But what good is it to own
The biggest shack on the beach
If you’re trapped behind it’s bars

But if you want freedom
Open your mind

*Jake Paul played every instrument on this recording by multi-tracking (recording each instrument separately)

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