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Indestructible (feat. The Urban Empress)

Jake Paul
Jake Paul


Seen you today

wanted to reach out and hold your hand

in the worst way.

Times have changed

I'm a different man.

Do you remember when

the love we had was


You always made me smile

even on my worst days.

I fell in love with your style

from the very first day.

But your parents made us

Fade away.

My love for you reigned


Your mama got to crazy

and your daddy never could relax.

They were too afraid 

that you would fall in love

on the wrong side of the tracks.

So we went our separate ways-

guess it was all too hot to last.

Ain't it funny how life passes by

So fast? 

Ha ha.

Seen you today.

Hopin' you could understand

In the worst way

We were just too young for a love that grand.

There's no apologies needed

My love for you still stands


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